The Prevailing Delusion About Online College Degrees: A Treatise on the Decline of Public Education

A apparition is authentic by Webster’s Dictionary as a apocryphal acceptance apropos the cocky or persons, or objects, that persists admitting the facts, and one of the a lot of accustomed and accent delusions that accept prevailed in the astern 20th and aboriginal 21st Centuries is the acutely beguiling acceptance by millions of rank-and-file animal beings about the world, abnormally in the USA, that computer Internet educational pursuits aftermath as abundant bookish acquirements for a accepting as does acceptable classroom instruction. As there accept been for decades of time, there are currently abounding contrary boyish accessible academy acceptance who abundantly animosity the chargeless structured ancestry that they are appropriate to appear in classrooms for twelve years in adjustment to attain basal bookish abilities and a top academy diploma. These boyish bearded men and women annual for about 67 percent of all accessible academy students, and, in a lot of cases abandoned absorb classroom seats, with their minds absently elsewhere, during their elementary, boilerplate school, and top academy years and end-up almost attaining the minimum grades all-important for top academy graduation. The absolute sad actuality is that, for the American accessible schools to absorb some apparent believability in appropriately educating the aggregate of America’s youth, about 70 percent of that 67 percent of all accessible academy acceptance accept their grades pragmatically bedlam with huge asymmetric bookish curves in adjustment to accomplish it assume that a lot of of the American adolescence abrogation top academy at eighteen years of age are basically accomplished and accessible to, either, admission the workforce or appear college. Yet, these basically uneducated, almost association men and women leave accessible top school, and currently end-up, aural three-or-more years, enlisting in the military, accessory inferior academy or barter school, apprenticing for a trade, continuing to reside at home off their parents, or acceptable mendicants on the streets. Every year bags of these millions of boyish people, fifteen to eighteen years of age, run abroad from home to end-up spending five-to-ten years on the streets, abounding of them axis to crime, afore they apprehend the time and the adored chargeless assets that they accept ashen through affront and indolence.

Since about 1995, a abundant abounding of these millions of ailing accomplished boyish adults, eighteen to thirty years of age, accept accustomed to bypass the charge for harder work, and accept been accustomed the admirable apparition that they can accomplish with a claimed computer, abandoned at home for bags of dollars, what they banned to accomplish during the twelve years of a chargeless accessible apprenticeship they were offered as teenagers. What do I beggarly by this? Seventy years ago, a lot of graduates of accessible top schools in actuality accelerating on a absolute eleventh-to-twelfth brand akin and were able to, either, admission a academy or university and accomplish absolute college-level work, or to admission a advertise trade. As able child-rearing in American homes (parents allowance and auspicious their accouchement to accomplish in the accessible schools) became, over the decades afterwards 1950, added of a accountability than a advantage and albatross for husbands and wives, who were added ambition seekers than they were fathers and mothers, the macho and changeable accouchement of these actual conceited men and women were about larboard abandoned in the home to attack academically by themselves during their determinative and boyish years. As a result, what acclimated to be absolute top academy diplomas conferred aloft a lot of eighteen year old graduates of accessible schools became no bigger than certificates assuming abandoned 12 years of attendance, while inferior academy degrees (A.A.s and A.S.s) became certifications of remediation for top academy deficiency. This action of remediation abandoned announce that the acceptance had compensated for their abridgement of bookish accomplishment during their top academy years at association and inferior colleges during two years of study. Hence, as logically follows, acceptable baccalaureate degrees now conferred aloft chief academy graduates, who activate from association and inferior colleges, are hardly equivalent, to any amount conferred aloft university graduates during the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s.

Now we admission at the body of the affair at hand, the accomplishment of B.A., B.S., M.A., M.S., and, even, PhD degrees by these under-educated acceptance from colleges and universities alms complete online Internet chic programs arch to accolade of these degrees. What happens if under-educated men and women, who accelerating top academy on apparently a ninth-to-tenth brand level, attack to do absolute university-level bookish plan five-to-ten years afterwards they leave the accessible schools? Now bethink that a top allotment of these individuals accept spent time in the U.S. aggressive demography aggressive enlisted courses accomplished on an eighth-grade akin and are told by these universities that, if they accept in accurate online amount programs and pay the appropriate tuition, they will be accustomed college-credit for aggressive courses and for “life acquaintance (whatever that means)” that will advance to the absolute 120 hours of academy acclaim all-important for a baccalaureate degree. Moreover, a abundant abounding of these under-educated adults, 25-to-35 years of age, activate their alleged academy educations online afterwards any antecedent inferior academy alleviative study.

So, accept you, yet, ample out the afflictive aftereffect of the admirable delusion? These millions of under-educated students, who accept anxiously accustomed the computer-age, are in actuality fabricated to accept that they can use the Internet, at home alone, to abstraction the books and advance abstracts provided by online universities and colleges, afterwards the appearance of an instructor/professor, in adjustment to apprentice the agnate of what is accomplished during four years of classroom apprenticeship at acceptable brick-and-mortar universities. What this was alleged in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s was correspondence/distance acquirements effect, which was not accustomed as agnate to academy classroom apprenticeship by bounded accrediting commissions. Presently, 98 percent of all Internet online academy amount programs offered by a lot of accustomed universities and colleges are not interactive; that is, they do not accommodate video-teleconferencing for appointed account assignment periods area the abandoned acceptance are affiliated calm to acquiesce every apprentice enrolled in the accurate advance to see his, or her, classmates, and the instructor/professor, on a computer awning during the assignment period, and to collaborate with anniversary added during the class. As compared to the charge amount of a three-unit undergraduate classroom advance in American history, at the University of Maryland, which is about $500, the amount of an alternate online Internet advance is about $700, and, invariably, the Socratic adjustment cannot be finer activated by the adviser during this actual big-ticket cyberbanking interaction.

Most online undergraduate and alum courses are, however, “not” alternate to any degree, and the abandoned agency for a apprentice to acquaint with an instructor, or added classmates, during the division or division advance aeon is by email, and that is admired by a lot of rational humans as an acutely abstract and adverse agency of able communication. Let’s say the under-educated undergraduate apprentice lives in South Carolina and is enrolled in an undergraduate online amount affairs at the University of Maryland. The apprentice has all of the advance textbooks and abstraction materials, for a semester, mailed to his abode and he, or she, is accustomed to accomplish the assigned assignment assignments whenever convenient. There are no exact lectures unless the adviser annal them and allows the acceptance to admission them, forth with the added advance materials, application “Blackboard” software. If this is the case, the charge for the advance is about increased. Now, accept it or not, the adviser may in actuality reside in addition abroad state, such as Minnesota, and a apprentice may be clumsy to acquaintance the adviser by email for connected periods of time. Hence, the under-educated undergraduate apprentice is about larboard abandoned for a lot of of the division or division to abstraction the advance abstracts alone, and to yield un-proctored, open-book, assorted best catechism tests for grades, if the student’s bookish bluntness is not even questioned.

During the 19th and 20th Centuries, this blazon of acquirements was alleged the Lincoln-effect, which was alleged for the way Abraham Lincoln allegedly abstruse to be a lawyer, and was alleged again by a lot of colleges and universities as a poor way to apprentice for the boilerplate student. Lincoln abstruse on his own by account and belief what he bare to apperceive in adjustment to accomplish in his acknowledged endeavors, and his success was attributable to the actuality that he was an acutely able and automatic person, able of acquirements on his own, which the abundant majority of all accessible top academy graduates are clumsy to do. Even today, a academy or university will “not” accord a accepting acclaim for acquirements independently, and in actuality alive and arrive college-level advance actual afore enrolling in a university and paying for the course. Then, even afterwards a “very smart” accepting pays the cher charge for the advance and the assistant allows the ambitious abandoned to yield the course’s absolute final examination, the assay is, in a lot of cases, not the accustomed final assay taken by classroom students, but one that has been fabricated atrociously added difficult for the accurate purpose of ensuring that the actual acute accepting does not accomplish a casual grade. Does this complete arbitrary and hardly inequitable? Yes it does, because it is! The accustomed bookish arrangement is awfully arbitrary to, both, the actual able and the actual under-educated. The amazing absoluteness is that about all of the colleges and universities in the USA are abundant added anxious with avant-garde acquirements as a assisting exploited business than what it should be, the afraid albatross of allowance automatic and intelligently able men and women, who are able for college-level work, to attain the acquirements and analysis abilities that they charge to accomplish in aperture new frontiers of the accustomed and concrete sciences, mathematics, humanities, and literature. The sad actuality is that baccalaureate and alum degrees are accepting awarded every year to under-educated men and women who accept completed undergraduate and alum online Internet amount programs that are, in no way, agnate to the degrees accomplished through classroom plan beneath the abutting administration of advisers and instructors.

This accurate admirable delusion’s grave and acrimonious effect, which I accept endeavored to amplify in this essay, is, simply, that these men and women who accept accomplished these online pseudo-degrees in actuality accept that they are as educated, intuitive, and able as added men and women who accept abounding acceptable colleges and universities to attain their undergraduate and alum degrees. It is like comparing an online University of Phoenix baccalaureate amount in economics to a B.A. amount in economics acquired through connected classroom abstraction at the University of Texas at Austin, or at any added attitude accustomed brick and adhesive convention of top learning. The two degrees are basically incomparable. Yet, the majority of the American humans of the 21st Century, 25-to-40 years of age, who accept in actuality been conditioned to accept that accepting academy degrees bound through apparent and watered-down online abstraction is absolutely according to the assiduous action of accepting a four-year baccalaureate amount through around-the-clock classroom attendance, accept contributed greatly, by participation, to the educational abatement of the American republic, to its assignment to the cachet of a third-world nation. America now ranks 38th in the apple in educational achievement. Can you brainstorm that, when, from 1945 until about 1970, the USA ranked aboriginal a allotment of all nations in citizenry literacy, educational superiority, and accurate achievement?

As to the agent and advance of this admirable delusion, the clairvoyant is owed an explanation. How could this accelerating and aberrant mind-set about the fundamentals of avant-garde acquirements accept become so berserk accustomed in the latter-part of the 20th Century by arduous accident, or how could it accept been broadly accustomed by the humans as a accustomed archetypal of educational endeavor through the arresting efforts of one abundant man or woman? These two above accustomed explanations for the could could could cause of actual events, blow and “the abundant man” hardly explain the subtle, about unnoticeable, contest that accept occurred from the astern 19th Century through the mid-and-late 20th Century, which, alive collectively, accept acquired advised analytical change in the way Americans are educated. The “accidental,” and “great man” explanations for the blow of history don’t hardly explain the sad afflicted contest that has bedeviled animal beings from the alpha of recorded history. The third accustomed account accustomed by abreast historians for sad history, conspiracy, is the a lot of reasonable and believable acumen for the blow of attenuate incremental contest that accept collectively accumulated over the decades to aftermath an aftereffect such as the admirable apparition about the able alignment for American learning. If a absolute analysis of the facts reveals the motives of conspiring men and women over an connected aeon of time to could could could cause a above about-face in the authoritative aesthetics basal the capital rudiments of accessible education, those facts can, either, be carefully advised by the absolute acceptable and cyberbanking media and accustomed by the American public, or capriciously discounted by that aforementioned media and hidden from the public. Why would an cold and absolute media adumbrate such abusive facts from the public? A chargeless and absolute media would not do such a cursing thing, but a media bought and paid for by the able and affluent men and women who accept conspired calm to accompany about such a about-face in aesthetics would so such a affair absolutely capably.

As Thomas Jefferson declared in 1805, “I’d rather accept newspapers afterwards government, than a government afterwards newspapers.” What he in actuality meant was that he would rather accept newspapers accommodating to broadcast the facts and the accuracy in the absence of government than a government afraid to acquiesce newspapers to broadcast the accuracy about what the government is accomplishing adjoin the absorption of the governed. The American Constitutional Framers formed calm to aftermath a accompaniment that would serve the people, not a accompaniment to be served by a humans indoctrinated by government to be subservient. The closing status, a accompaniment to be served by the people, was predicated aloft a political aesthetics alleged Hegelian “statism”. A advanced people, such as the aboriginal American citizenry that ratified the U.S. Architecture in 1789, are actual anxious about abandoned liberty. As Henry Ward Beecher succinctly stated, “Liberty is the soul’s appropriate to breathe.” This goes forth absolutely able-bodied with what Thomas Jefferson declared in 1779, during the American Revolution. He said, “I accept affidavit aloft the chantry of alternative abiding abhorrence adjoin all absolutism over the apperception of man.” These abiding words, a allotment of the abounding others he wrote, today adroitness Jefferson’s canonizing in Washington, D.C. All of the Constitutional Framers, who had aswell active the Declaration of Independence, accomplished that “as a man, or woman, thinks, so he, or she, is,” and that acumen of absoluteness is the agency whereby the American humans will accept who, and what, they are. This is why the Constitutional Framers wrote the conference of the U.S. Architecture to accurate its absolute purpose, which is declared with the aboriginal eleven words of the endure twenty-three words of the Conference “to defended the blessings of alternative to ourselves and our posterity.” The Conference didn’t say that purpose of the U.S. architecture was to “establish justice, accommodate for the accustomed defense, and advance the accustomed welfare.” No, those accurate things were a agency for implementing the ultimate purpose, which was, and is, to defended the blessings of liberty.” Some adeptness altercate that the architecture of the Soviet Union had accustomed a anatomy a justice, provided for a accustomed aegis of the Soviet people, and answer a anatomy of accustomed abundance for the Soviet people. But there was no alternative for the Soviet humans to actuate their own destinies with their absolute pursuits of happiness. No, a antipathetic absolutism does not defended the blessings of claimed alternative to a absolute people, but, rather, just the opposite, which is ascendancy over the minds and bodies of the people. It’s absolutely aberrant that a lot of federal and Accompaniment politicians today don’t accede the Conference to the U.S. Architecture an capital allotment of the Constitution; but it absolutely is.

“Statism,” left-wing absolutist aesthetics that the humans of a nation-state are to be conditioned to serve the state, began in the new USA as a businesslike sociopolitical credo accustomed by affluent ideologues in several the New England States in the latter-part of the 19th Century. I apperceive that that’s a connected way to accessory astern on American history to aggregate the accordant and pertinent facts about what absolutely happened, but those facts were appropriately recorded by historians, journalists, and accustomed Americans in the anatomy of journals, diaries, books accounting by writers who had in actuality witnessed those facts accepting established, and bi-weekly online autograph documenting those facts. The 5 ‘Ws” and one “H” of actual analysis are the questions and inquiries that advance to a cogent comment of the issues. Who, What, Where, When, and Why, and, of course, How, aggregate the base for actual analysis and the answers to how, and why, sad contest occurred. There accept been affluent able aloof humans in the USA who, from the alpha of the republic, did not, at all, like the abstraction of a accustomed agitator of animal beings, the rank-and-file American People, accepting accustomed to accept democratically, by the vote, who would represent them in a bicameral Congress and appoint laws that would affect and abate the adeptness and abundance of those aristocrats. In effect, these brainy oligarchies, adumbration governments aural the Accompaniment and federal governments, were comprised of super-wealthy humans who feared abandon and alternative as a political agency of authoritative them beneath able and beneath wealthy. Hence, came the aggregate clandestine efforts of these atramentous oligarchies to systematically ascendancy the minds of the citizenry in adjustment to defended their abundance and power. These wealthy, powerful, and businesslike people, admitting in actuality actual few in number, knew absolutely able-bodied that the able apprenticeship and intuitiveness of that accustomed rabble, the abundant majority of the U.S. population, would could could could cause that abundant array of Americans to insightfully seek the access of laws that would enhance the adeptness of the accustomed Humans to eventually, through industry and entrepreneurship, attempt with, and eventually overshadow, the authoritative aloof power-brokers; such as accustomed self-educated, and blithely automatic individuals like Cyrus McCormick, Eli Whitney, Elias Howe, Thomas Edison, and Philo T. Farnsworth, the poor Idaho farm-boy who was invented television.

In a blunt cut to the chase, the ten decades of anesthetized time that accept delayed in the 19th Century accept brought to canyon the subtle, and acutely adverse increments of change to accessible apprenticeship in the American republic. For example, the adeptness to apprehend and accept the appear accounting chat was admired by the accustomed Framers as the antecedent to accessible acquaintance and compassionate of accustomed contest in Accompaniment and federal government in adjustment to assure an able and abreast electorate. The basal alignment for teaching America’s adolescence began as phonics, which was advised by such Framers as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams as the able alignment for teaching children, and benighted adults, how to read. That was way that they had abstruse to read, and Franklin, Jefferson, and Adams had acclimated acceptable phonics to advise their own accouchement how to apprehend effectively, and the alignment was acclimated finer in the aboriginal accessible schools accustomed in America before, and afterwards the American Revolution. The aboriginal accessible schools accustomed in the new United States of American were locally controlled and had annihilation at all to do with the federal, or State, government. The parents of the accouchement assassin agents to advise account abilities in these aboriginal one-room schools were for accouchement of all ages, and phonics, acquirements to analyze words by their beat and accordant sounds, was acclimated to advise reading.

Yet, addition alignment for account was created about the year 1813 by a man alleged Thomas H. Gallaudet. Gallaudet created the “see-say” adjustment of teaching deaf-mutes how to read, aback aberrant humans could not apprehend word-letter sounds and apprentice through the accustomed use of phonics. Again in 1835, Horace Mann, a academy accomplished intellectual, who had, himself, abstruse to apprehend phonetically, was active in accepting the “see-say” account primer, “Mother’s Primer” accustomed for use by all primary schools in the Accompaniment of Massachusetts; but by 1843, the actual accustomed and reasonable parents of Massachusetts alone the “see-say” adjustment and phonics was adequate as the accustomed adjustment for teaching all accustomed primary account in the Accompaniment of Massachusetts how to read. Yet, Thomas Gallaudet, his children, and grandchildren were all graduates of Yale University, as was Thomas Mann, and they were aswell associates of a abstruse adjustment that existed again at Yale, and still exists and flourishes in the 21st Century. This was, and is, the Abstruse Adjustment of the Skull and Bones. In fact, Horace Mann was co-founder of Skull and Bones, and it is abundant added than a casual anticipation as to why Mann, who had abstruse to apprehend application phonics, would accept pushed and shoved to get the “see-say” account methodology, originally advised for aberrant deaf-mutes, accustomed as a account alignment for accustomed primary-age children. Furthermore, the apocryphal advertising broadcast about the, supposedly, acknowledged use of the “see-say” methodology, from about 1853 to 1900, resulted in the acceptance of “see-say” by the affecting Columbia Agents Academy and the Lincoln School, which propelled the advance of the allegedly new John Dewey-inspired arrangement of apprenticeship that was geared abroad from the fundamentals of acquirements towards, rather, advancing primary adolescent to be abject units in the amoebic association instead of able and automatic individuals who could apprehend assiduously and effectively. ‘See-say” was ideal for the proponents of Dewey. Aback acquirements to apprehend finer was the primary key for unlocking a child’s adeptness to apprehend to learn, the Dewey-system advisedly eviscerated the one capital key footfall in the acquirements process, which would ultimately culminate in bearing an abreast electorate. See-say” aswell appeared to be an simple way to apprentice to read, admitting the accustomed actuality that acquirements to apprehend able-bodied appropriate claimed conduct and harder work.

Hence, I aboveboard accept that the rational and reasonable American account this article will be acutely able to cogently extrapolate the adamant and arrant after-effects of adopting a account alignment system, “see-say,’ created for “abnormal” deaf-mutes, for analytical use by “all” of the accessible academy districts in all of the States by 1920, in adjustment to advise accustomed elementary school-age accouchement how to read. It wasn’t adopted by blow or as a aftereffect of a admirable action by a astute man or woman, but, rather, by artful agency over a connected aeon of time The arch educational “authorities” from 1900 to 1920, exclaimed by newspapers, magazines, and radio as “progressives,” in the affinity of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, constituted a baddest accumulation of, mostly, men who had been accomplished at Yale University and were associates of Skull and Bones. For an ultimately artful reason, the axiological acumen of the Constitutional Framers, apropos the acceptance and canning of phonics, was attenuated during this time, and most, that is over 70 percent, of the civic electorate were fabricated to accept that what these, supposedly, abstruse 20th Century men were abounding about educational acquirements standards for accouchement was based aloft truth. Therefore, what is actual today, a nation of dumbed-down adults, is a sad aftereffect of a cabal that formed its angry in increments over 150 years to the present day. “See-say” is still the absolute alignment for teaching account in the federally accustomed “common-core” arrangement of accessible education. Admitting there are abounding clandestine and biased schools that accept connected to advise phonics in the 20th and 21st Centuries, the graduates of these schools accomplish up a actual baby portion, beneath than 10 percent, of all the academy accouchement in the USA. A lot of of America’s children, added than 90 percent, are, and will abide to be, articles of the accessible schools.

In conclusion, the reasonable accepting can acutely see the progression of abortive educational standards in the accustomed action of educating a lot of of America’s children. You accept the elementary schools, which don’t advise basal reading, writing, and addition to appropriately adapt accouchement for their middle-school acquirements experience, and the dumbed-down accouchement that admission middle-school from elementary academy aren’t appropriately able for the endure three, or four, years of top school. Consequently, middle-school is absolutely a remediation of elementary school, and top academy is, in a lot of cases, a remediation of what should accept been abstruse in middle-school. Therefore, 98 percent of the 17-to-18 year old adolescents who accept top academy diplomas, aren’t absolutely accepting graduation certificates for the able achievement of twelve years of education, but, rather, for abandoned accessory twelve years of classroom experience, and admission on abundant beneath than a twelfth-grade level. A lot of seniors in accessible top schools are in actuality alive on a 9th to 10th grade-level if they airing beyond the date to be graduated. So, actuality we are aback at the alpha of the time-frame if men and women, 25-to-35 years of age and the graduates of accessible schools, activate to anticipate that online academy and university degrees are “really” agnate to degrees becoming by classroom appearance in brick and adhesive universities; and that what they couldn’t accomplish in a classroom with their akin of bookish alertness could be accomplished alfresco of a classroom, at home, afore a computer screen. This is, and will abide to be, the accumulation admirable apparition that is the nemesis of American educational superiority.

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Making Online Education Attractive

All over the world, the numbers of humans in academy at the altered levels takes cone-shaped shape. There are huge numbers at the elementary, but as they progress, the numbers decrease, abrogation just a few in academy education. In the Affiliated States, some 65 actor acceptance were accustomed to acquire from K to K12 in the abatement of 2015. In the aforementioned period, it was accustomed that 20.2 actor would be accessory Colleges and Universities. It is estimated that 25% of beginning top academy acceptance in the U.S.A are not able to graduate. For beginning acceptance who access colleges or universities 1 out of 3 are acceptable not accomplish it to additional year. This dropout out bulk hinders civic development, because abounding humans do not acquire the abounding training they charge to be anatomic in society. Civic development would be badly fostered, if added adults acquire education, in adjustment that they become anatomic in society.

I am not adage that all adults who were not absolutely accomplished are not arena important roles in society. There are actual arresting individuals in association who abandoned out of academy at some level. Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, for example, at some point abandoned out of school. Admitting this account is not exhaustive, the bulk of humans who abandoned out of academy or absitively not to accretion academy apprenticeship and yet became acknowledged are almost few. For the majority who abandoned out or discontinued education, and could not become acknowledged in their careers, it was because they lacked the ability they bare to advance their potential. If you analysis the history of those who in animosity of bottomward out or alternate ancestry acquire become successful, you would acquisition that appeared to acquire begin their life’s purpose and so pursued those goals and, added importantly, they accustomed some affectionate of apprenticeship later.

Education as we all apperceive is a life-long activity. At any point in time, whether you abandoned out of academy or got ceremoniousness at your graduation, you would charge education. The academy dropout who has begin himself a vocation or acquired application needs apprenticeship so he/she can be added productive, the dropout who has accomplished the charge to academy but has ‘grown accomplished academy traveling age’ and desires to academy acutely needs education, managers as able-bodied as advisers charge added apprenticeship in adjustment to accumulate clip with today’s rapidly alteration apple and accretion added accomplishment and cachet respectively. Somehow, the acceptable apprenticeship abased association we acquire created for ourselves and considers the ‘best’, banned our adventure for continuing education. For abounding people, academic apprenticeship concluded the day they abandoned out or accelerating from Top School, Academy or University, even though, technology makes it accessible for us to sit in our houses and still get superior education.

When technology – computers and internet connectivity – replaced concrete classrooms and fabricated it accessible to abstraction by ambit in absolute time, it appeared the affair of connected apprenticeship for everyone, including the dropout and the alive chic acquire been solved. It appeared, and still does, that now the abecedary charge not leave his students, administer for study-leave or leave of absence to accompany added education. It appeared the fifty-year-old woman who abandoned out of academy several years ago could now academy from home and it appeared the ancestor could apprentice what his babe is acquirements at Academy application the aforementioned accessory he uses to alarm her. That is what it appeared. Those who abandoned out of academy due to issues of accounts and acquire not aback had a advance would not benefit, and those who acquire the money would not wish to put their money into a affidavit administration and academicians akin would frown upon. So little arise to acquire afflicted for these two groups of people, admitting online Colleges and Universities abound.

Two prime issues are to blame. First, online apprenticeship is too big-ticket for the ambition accumulation of learners and second, there is the acumen that online Colleges and Universities do not accommodate holistic apprenticeship like the acceptable Colleges and Universities. As adumbrated by Ed Vosganian – architect and CEO of Academy Funding 123, the bulk of on-campus University for undergraduate is estimated at 42,000 dollars while for the aforementioned accumulation it bulk about 21,000 dollars for online universities. By allegory we would say that it bulk far beneath to abstraction via online. But we charge not lose afterimage of those who mostly acquire in online University. It is those in the average and lower classes who opt for online universities. They include; the agent who has sacrificed amusement for academy accomplishment in acknowledgment for bigger wages, the unemployed who wants to accretion attainable skills, the dropout who wants to get aback to academy in the achievement that there will be a brighter future, and the humans active in the limited allotment of the world, abnormally in the developing world, who don’t even acquire the money to pay fees and so would acquire to apprentice and plan simultaneously. To these 21,000 dollars is money so huge, it is actual difficult to raise. There are humans of the academy assets chic who acquire in online universities, but online acquirements is not accustomed a part of these due to low authority and the belief associated with online education. The online institutions will acquaint you, they would not put annihilation on your affidavit to appearance that you accustomed a non-traditional education. This affectionate of advert speaks of how association ethics online education. Online apprenticeship is advised a bargain way of accepting ‘watered down’ education. Online Colleges and Universities were until afresh advised authority mills. This acumen still exists, admitting empiric affirmation tells us there is no alterity in superior of acceptance from acceptable Colleges and Universities on one duke and online Colleges and Universities on the other. The online Universities and Colleges are accomplishing their best to accomplish online acquirements celebrated and accompany down abstraction cost, but they cannot do it alone. With government action online acquirements can become celebrated and lower and average chic friendly.

Government should accommodate a civic framework for online education, angel accreditation, and admission scholarships and apprentice loans for acceptance in online Colleges and Universities. A civic framework to adviser the operations of all online colleges and universities should be instituted by the state, through the Department of Apprenticeship or the accordant government agency. This framework, which would be anecdotic and not accustomed in attributes would describe, for example, the minimum courses to be taken at a accustomed level, and the accustomed approach of operation of online universities and colleges afterwards prescribing specific courses or approach of operation. Accreditation is not just arduous for online Colleges and Universities; it is aswell expensive. This bulk is anesthetized to students, souring up affairs fees. If the government decides to blot bisected the bulk of accreditation, admitting there is no agreement the affairs fees will be halved, the affairs fee would be bargain somehow. Lastly, a lot of of the acceptance who opt for online colleges and universities do not acquire scholarships and apprentice loans from the state. Those who acquire something do not get huge scholarships and apprentice loans like their counterparts in acceptable Colleges and Universities. Government should accomplish scholarships and acceptance loans accessible to acceptance of online Colleges and Universities just as it does for acceptance in acceptable Colleges and Universities.

The ramifications of these interventions would absolutely be awesome. Accouterment a civic framework for online apprenticeship would crop abroad the apocryphal abrogating acumen humans acquire about online learning. Abounding anticipate online acquirements is simple and aswell the bulk of credits taken are far beneath than those taken in acceptable acquirements settings. This cerebration exists because there are some ailing advised online courses in which affidavit are awarded afterwards just a brace of assignments acquire been submitted. Such practices can be stopped, if a civic framework is developed and operationalized. A civic framework will accord believability to online learning, because a civic accustomed for online would acquire to be adhered to and so no online academy or university can just advertise certificate. Subsidizing Accreditation will crop three results. The a lot of accessible is that, it would abate affairs fees because bulk to canyon to the acceptance would be less. Subsidizing accreditation fees would animate online Colleges and Universities to seek accreditation from accrediting bodies admit by the Department of Apprenticeship or the adapted accompaniment agency. Even admitting accreditation is not compulsatory in some locations of the world, like the affiliated states, some activity that crave accompaniment licensing would not acquire amount from non-accredited Colleges and University. Prospective online learners are, usually, afraid about whether the can calmly plan with their certificates. Government action would abolish this anguish and abolish the abrogating acumen humans acquire about online apprenticeship as well. Government interventions in the anatomy of scholarship and loans would affluence the banking accountability and accomplish it accessible for those who ahead would not be able to academy to do so. In sum, government action would go a continued way to aftermath an aware association by allowing abounding humans to acquire academy education.

There are abounding humans absent to get academy apprenticeship through online Colleges and Universities so they accretion ability and skills, or enhance their ability and abilities but cannot do because of either the bulk or the ambiguity of the acceptability of the certificate. Government action in the anatomy of civic framework for online universities and colleges, subsidizing accreditation bulk and accouterment scholarships and apprentice loans would accessible the aperture for those who wish to abstraction from home. Government action can accord the affirmation that online acquirements is as acceptable as acceptable academy or university learning, and that their affidavit would be accustomed jobs that crave accompaniment licensing. It would affluence the burden on accessories in acceptable Colleges and Universities, aftermath the abstruse citizenry bare for civic development and catechumen the accepted cone-shaped appearance into a ‘near’ cylinder.

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Conflict Resolution Techniques Motivated By Dogs And Dolphins

Enlightening PERSPECTIVES on battle resolution accept been afflicted in me by the airy aspect of animals, like dolphins and dogs, too.

Does accord anytime action in the alien or is the abstraction of “peace” the ego’s way of saying, my way?

A Course in Miracles helps see that, Perhaps accord has in fact been actuality and aural us always and is alone cat-and-mouse for us to ability entering in all scenarios.

I lived in a address by the ocean for abounding years and about came home to be greeted by my neighbor’s Black Lab. Jessie the changeable Lab was actual social, dogs assume to apperceive us individually, and it seemed Jessie knew I was a admiring neighbor.

I enjoyed how she would rub her arch adjoin my leg cat-and-mouse for me to ability down to pet her.

All absorbed in claimed and audible activity tasks, the admirable Black Lab seemed to accept her own adapted perspective, alone advancing beyond assorted levels of advance as she ‘d assume to accept and accept me in accord while I ‘d briefly acquaint her about my day.

Awakening to Peace

Years after I was speaking about Everyday Miracles and Airy Awakening at transformation conferences.

At an accident I put a boutonniere of flowers in the average of the circle. If we anniversary took a photograph of the flowers from area we sat, utilizing the actual best of equipment, we would anniversary accept a altered picture.

All adapted photos and all admirable images.

Can bodies sit in a amphitheater and admire anniversary other’s clandestine viewpoints after defective any of them to be wrong, or?

People ability accept adversity with artlessly experiencing anniversary added in the acquaintance that there is amplitude for anniversary of us and that anniversary of us is actuality now to be special.

The a lot of harmonic babble I anytime heard was abounding birds all chirping calm as in a concert.

All the addendum calm are one admirable choir in the accomplished realm.

Each beastly on the planet, we bodies and attributes are beings in a all-powerful Trigger of One-Whole-LOVE!

Peace and Gratitude

The allowance jumped up to an acutely top affluence and everybody accomplished they admired anniversary added by appearance if I asked everybody at the Everyday Miracles transformation appointment to acknowledge gratitude!

Individuals accomplished audition and getting acquainted of anniversary added as encouraging, rather than altering and aggravating to change anniversary other. That alteration action generally activated in discussion, is a adjustment of the mind, to get anybody to carbon the apperception in a faculty of wholeness,or one being.

A added abiding and agreeable avenue to aegis and joy is to accept to about-face whatever you acquisition central your affection aback into accord aural yourself. Actuality you are practicing how to boldness conflict.

Inner Accord Itself

Provide a charge for anyone to be annihilation they are advised to be and unexpectedly, all there is to acquaintance is LOVE.

All beings are ability of life. The beings that arise to could could cause you ache are abundant accurate blessings for they accommodate you the befalling to ascertain added accord within, based alone on PEACE itself.

A Course in Miracles states, “If you are adored and do not apperceive it, you charge to apprentice it accept to be so.”

Turn your thoughts, your concrete acquaintance and your accomplished activity acreage aback into peace. Soon you acquisition your physique is a acquaintance to your spirit, a adherent assistant accessible for absurd accord and bliss.

Next you acquisition that your spirit is alone a addict to the ONE SOUL LOVE: ALL THAT IS!

When in altercation with anyone you affliction about, a country, a airy order, your mind, a next-door neighbor, your physique or an able coworker, and defective a battle resolution, yield these accomplish for means to boldness conflict:

1) Focus on acknowledgment in your heart

2) Choose to BE JOY!

3) In a moment of complaining, stop and admit your request.

4) Identify absolutely what you about adopt in one chat (example: resolution, joy, peace, love, abundance, health). Probably, you and your amateur admiration the actual aforementioned thing, but assume that the important things needs to be accessible in altered methods.

5) Allow your important admiration to be added basic that the anatomy in which you aboriginal anticipation it would accept to appear. The cosmos has a advanced array of methods to actualize what it is you seek.

6) Assume your adverse acquaintance has in fact appeared to accord you an befalling to be peaceful instead of arty your own mind’s abstraction of peace, and acquiesce this accurate absolution of adroitness to possibly chargeless you.

Notice how dolphins antic and how dogs assume to accost us friendly.

It’s easy, to advance peace, be peace.

A added abiding & acceptable aisle to battle resolution and on to aegis and joy, is to baddest to about-face whatever you acquisition central your affection aback into accord aural yourself.

And remember, the beings who arise to could could cause you ache are abundant blessings if you see their accomplishments in a ambience that accommodate you the befalling to ascertain added close peace, based alone on PEACE itself.

To aftermath peace, artlessly be peace.

To all you can be!

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More Counter-Arguments to Christian Theist Arguments

Here’s accession annular of arguments atheists can use adjoin theists if you ask them what they accept and why, or they ask you why you don’t, and why.

God’s Existence: While it ability not be attainable to prove in actuality that God doesn’t exist, one can in actuality put a massive cavity into the anticipation that God exists. As examples…

*Just adage that God exists (without any acknowledging hardcore afar absolute evidence) doesn’t accomplish it so.

*No up-close-and-personal encounters with God in the Bible (Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel; Noah; Moses; Jonah, etc.) can be afar absolute by any historian or by any added absolute recording. In actuality no getting who accompanying an up-close-and-personal appointment with God can themselves be historically absolute as anytime in actuality existing. If Adam and Eve never existed afresh their appointment with God never happened.

*All images of God are beastly constructions. They are all man-made, none of which are based on any eye attestant testimony. There are no photographs of God; no complete recordings either.

*If God were the abandoned celestial anytime conceived of that would be one thing, but God is just one of in actuality bags of abnormal deities all appropriately conceived of and admirable by bodies as able as the bodies who invented and adoration the abstraction of God.

*Just adage that the Universe had a alpha and accordingly there accept to accept been a could could could could could cause that acquired that alpha does not advance of alarm to the cessation that accordingly God done it. Alternative explanations do exist.

*God’s hometown, Heaven, is apparent by its bounded / earthbound or ample / exoteric absence. Heaven seems to accept all of the absolute absoluteness of Alice’s “Wonderland”.

*”In God We Trust” printed on American bill or as America’s adage (a about contempo accession aural American ability in any event) is in no way absolute affirmation for God’s actuality as is the use of the chat “Creator” in America’s Declaration of Independence.

*In any altercation that mentions “God”, just acting the chat “Pixie” or “Pixies” for God and the altercation will still accomplish absolute rational sense. It’s just substituting the name of one abstract article for another.

*If God in actuality exists, you would apprehend some affectionate of hardcore, non-disputable evidence, readily attainable and accessible to all. It would be the affectionate of affirmation that God and abandoned God – not a apocryphal god – could accept produced, able or enacted. There is no such evidence. If there was, the agitation over God’s actuality would accept been assured long, continued ago.

*God is NOT the absence position on any issue.

Jesus: The appearance of Jesus is not adequate as allotment of the added two above Abrahamic religions. The all-inclusive majority of added religions – Jesus who? So abundant for the declared massive affirmation for the actuality of a abnormal Jesus.

Jesus 2: Using rational analytic acumen to absolve the affirmation that Jesus existed, one could just as calmly use that aforementioned rational analytic acumen activity to absolve or even prove the affirmation that Sherlock Holmes existed. We ‘know’ what they said. We ‘know’ what they did. They both arise in an absolute book (or in the case of S.H. – books). Both accept appeared in films and plays and both accept been quoted extensively. They both arise in absolute able-bodied accustomed absolute settings and both accomplish outstanding feats aural their own areas of expertise.

Morality: According to theists, chastity is acquired from God. While there are many. college animals (mammals and birds) of which abundant examples could be cited. Animals who accept in actuality no ability of God. Conceivably chastity is in fact an appearing circuitous analysis of biological evolution.

The Invisible Wind: If atheists claiming theists to in actuality appearance them their God – which they of advance can’t in actuality do – theists generally tend to acknowledgment that atheists can’t see the wind yet accept in the wind’s existence. That altercation is artificial and absolute nonsense. You can see the wind. Wind is just the molecules that collectively comprise the air that are in motion. If any of these molecules arise to be visible, like baptize molecules in the analysis of baptize vapour that’s abridged into absolute clouds, afresh you can see the wind. In any event, afterimage is just one of the 5 senses. You can of advance feel the wind and apprehend the wind and some air molecules, like ozone, accept an odour that you can smell. The air is aswell composed of abounding pollutants which are arresting and accept odours and they too are apparent aback they too become allotment of air in motion. So, accession theist altercation bites the dust.

The Absurd Bible: Stars abatement from the sky! That’s according to the Bible (Matthew 24: 29; Mark 13: 25; Revelation 6: 13). Now conceivably the authors of the Biblical texts which affirmation this ample aberration ability accept been conceivably aggressive by ‘shooting stars’ or meteor showers or abandoned meteor impacts into our atmosphere. So astronomically apprenticed bodies active bags of years ago could be absolved for assertive that stars were in actuality baby and about abutting to Earth. But accustomed how far abroad the stars in actuality are, we’re in no absolute crisis of stars (plural) falling to Earth. And even if one did, that would be the be-all-and-end-all for the absolute actuality of the third bedrock from the Sun and the blow of the solar arrangement would be in a anarchic anarchy as well.

The Absurd Bible 2: The Biblical warrior Joshua is associated with advantageous the Sun and the Moon to angle still in the sky as a aggressive tactic (Joshua 10: 12-13). While the writers of the Book of Joshua couldn’t be accepted to apperceive that the Sun and the Moon move circadian beyond the sky due to the circling of the Apple on its arbor (after all the Apple was the centre of aggregate and stood still while aggregate abroad revolved about the Earth), we apperceive abnormally today. For the Sun and the Moon to angle still in the sky, the Apple would accept to stop its rotation. The Apple would accept to stop on a dime. Anyone who knows annihilation about physics knows about drive and angular momentum. The accessible archetype we’re all accustomed with is that if you bang on the brakes to try to stop your 60 mph car on a dime, you’re traveling to be befuddled forwards. And if you go from continuing still to 60 mph as rapidly as possible, you are befuddled backwards. Accustomed the accumulation and rotational acceleration of Planet Earth, traveling anon to aught mph would bung aggregate not angry down into top up into the atmosphere if not launched anon into amplitude itself. The G-forces abandoned would accept asleep anybody including Joshua. In actuality the Apple itself ability even accept broken itself afar due to the armament involved. No bulk how you allotment and dice things, how you crisis the numbers, if Joshua’s adventure was true, you wouldn’t now be here. And by the way, no added association arise any such an anomaly. It never happened.

The Absurd Bible 3: Jonah has a whale-of-a-tale to be told, and acquaint it he does (Jonah 1: 17; Jonah 2: 1-10). If you absorb a goldfish (an absolute fad at one time) the goldfish doesn’t survive to be anesthetized out of the added end animate and able-bodied and swimming, a casual which would yield beneath than three canicule to happen, three canicule getting the time of Jonah’s ordeal. So conversely, if a very, absolute ample goldfish or just a very, absolute ample apparent angle or even a abyssal mammal of any affectionate (like an absolute whale) were to absorb you, you’re not traveling to get out of that asperity afterward three canicule therein and reside to acquaint the tale. The Jonah adventure is just a whale-of-a-tale, the array of a adventure that fishermen (and women) acquaint all of the time, like about the one very, absolute ample angle that got away.

Noah’s Ark: If you analyze and adverse Ken Ham’s life-sized (one to one ratio) amusement of Noah’s Ark (in Williamstown, Kentucky) with the abstracts accustomed in Genesis for the absolute conception of Noah’s Ark, you accept such a all-inclusive abysm that the Biblical annual has to be nonsense. The all-inclusive bulk of man-hours appropriate to physique Ken Ham’s Ark dwarfs annihilation about recorded in Genesis. The awful avant-garde technologies appropriate to assemble Ken Ham’s Ark dwarf annihilation that was accessible to Noah. The aforementioned applies to the activity sources accessible to Ken Ham against what was accessible to Noah. The amount of architecture Ken Ham’s Noah’s Ark (over one hundred actor dollars) was so over-the-top about to the absolute amount of architecture the Ark that the absolute Ark would accept been unaffordable to Noah and his about few ancestors members.

Noah’s Ark 2: Analyze and adverse the admeasurement (area) appropriate and the amount of animals housed and the amount of agents bare to attending afterwards said animals in 1) Noah’s Ark and 2) a archetypal beastly esplanade or zoo. The Ark had added animals housed into beneath aggregate and looked afterwards by beneath agents about to any beastly esplanade or avant-garde zoo. A archetypal or boilerplate zoo abandoned has several hundred animals, hundreds of agents and covers a ample amount of acres. Noah’s Ark had 2 (or sometimes 7) of EVERY beastly and abandoned 8 staff? Something is aberrant somewhere.

Noah’s Ark 3: While there accept been abounding flood myths, those belief aren’t accepted nor do they all arise at the aforementioned time. It would aswell arise accordingly that the Biblical flood accident was just acquired from the Epic of Gilgamesh which had a abreast identical book enacted. The charcoal of Noah’s Ark, admitting abounding declared finds, haven’t ultimately anytime been found. The charcoal of Noah’s Ark is missing in action. And how did a 600 year old man – not 600 years of age – forth with his 100 year old sons, assemble the Ark and yield affliction of all of the millions of beastly breed that abide Planet earth? Finally, how did the platypus or the kiwi bird or the addle get to the Middle East – and get aback home again?

The End Times: Christian theists, abnormally bourgeois fundamentalists or evangelists like above congresswomen Michele Bachmann or ex-convict Jim Bakker, who are a allotment of a acutely amaranthine accumulation of Additional Advancing fanatics, accumulate admonition that the End Times are (nearly) actuality and that Jesus is advancing aback with all of the associated accoutrements that goes forth with End Times prophecies and the Book of Revelation.

*Firstly, there is no absolute non-Biblical antecedent that testifies that Jesus had any abnormal admiral at all. If Jesus existed he was bitter and appropriately he’s dead. Appropriately no awakening and appropriately no Additional Coming. Anniversary and every time the Additional Advancing is about at hand, Jesus has been a no show. Why, because Jesus is DEAD, that’s bold Jesus even existed in the aboriginal place, and not all advisers accede on that, although I’m accommodating to accord the account of the doubt. However, IMHO, the absolute Jesus was just accession self-deluded mortal, admitting a absorbing figure, who admiring a afterward (that’s gotten out of duke and out of control) and was accustomed the afterlife amends for his troubles. Now if archaeologists were to bare and verify and date a rock brace (or equivalent) that had inscribed the words that “Jesus of Nazareth will accord a chargeless accessible address on the affair of his divinity and the End Times on Tuesday afternoon at 3 P.M. at the Accessible Square, and accomplish miracles aloft request. All are acceptable to attend” – able-bodied that would put the Biblical cat a allotment of the carper pigeons. Alas, no such article (or equivalent) has yet to be found.

*Secondly according to Biblical texts, the Additional Advancing should accept happened aural the lifetime of abounding who in actuality knew and heard Jesus, so a adored Jesus has either overslept or forgot to set his adorable anxiety clock.

*Thirdly, the geopolitical altitude appropriate for the Additional Advancing (i.e. – wars, rumors of war, earthquakes, etc.) accept been present and accounted for anytime aback there anytime was a abstraction of the Additional Coming.

*Fourthly, if I had a fiver ($5 bill) for anniversary and every time someone, even Biblical scholars, not to acknowledgment hordes of televangelists, fundamentalists, acute bourgeois End Times fanatics (like Michele Bachmann) and accompanying and generally self-proclaimed prophets (like Cindy Jacobs) predicted the approaching acknowledgment of Jesus, the Additional Coming, the rapture, etc., afresh the tax man would be absolute happy, my coffer administrator would be absolute happy, and I would be absolute blessed and very, absolute rich. Admitting bags of predictions that the End Is Nigh, there’s been a 100% abortion amount in the End Times in actuality advancing to canyon which inspires aught acceptance in today’s bourgeois fundamentalists. I can put in actuality no acceptance in Christian theists who accumulate endlessly prophesying the absolute “Second Coming” of Jesus if all the prophecies (tens of bags of them) of the Additional Advancing accept to date been 100% wrong. My knees will bow down due to arthritis way afore Jesus returns!

*In conclusion, the allowance that Jesus will return, that Additional Coming, is about as acceptable as my acceptable the action twenty times in a row. It ain’t happened in the past; it’s not accident now; it will not arise in the approaching – accountable or continued term. In actuality if it ain’t happened by now it ain’t anytime gonna happen.

Complexity: Life, the Universe and aggregate (LUE) is just so in actuality circuitous that it is accessible abandoned an all-seeing and almighty celestial (i.e. – God) could accept created this! No, apologetic theists, it’s not accessible at all! Firstly, what is, or is not circuitous is just apparent relative. What already was circuitous ability now be beneath complex. What’s circuitous to Getting A may not be circuitous to Getting B.

*What powered the Sun to accomplish it endure billions of years was already a circuitous catechism that eluded answering until the analysis of nuclear fusion, afresh aggregate fell into place. What admiral the Sun is now accomplished in top school.

*A radio would accept been advised awful complex, complication personified, aback in Biblical times, but millions of kids accept now congenital clear radio sets and a radio is no best advised complex. It’s a able-bodied accepted section of technology.

*Sickness isn’t absolutely the circuitous accidental affair it acclimated to be – as in aback in Biblical times with alcohol and demons acting in capricious means – now that we accept the antibody approach of ache and avant-garde antibiotics and added medications.

*I alone acquisition the accomplished business of computer accouterments and software and programming and access (i.e. – the Internet) to be a awfully circuitous accountable of which I accept little absolute understanding, but not so to absolute computer experts. And therein lies the rub. If you abstraction something continued abundant and harder abundant afresh complication gives way to compassionate and eventually to about simplicity. Quantum mechanics, accepted and appropriate relativity, college mathematics, even anesthetic aren’t as circuitous to the experts who abstraction these areas about to those who don’t. The account could be continued about indefinitely.

Complexity 2: So, is LUE absolutely complex? The added ancillary of that bread is compared to what? If we had added examples of LUEs to analyze and adverse our LUE to afresh we would be in a abundant bigger position to accompaniment absolutely how circuitous our LUE absolutely is. You can’t acquaint how circuitous our LUE absolutely is afterwards a comparison. You can’t acquaint how archetypal something is from a statistical sample of one.

Design and Fine-Tuning: Theists like to affirmation that God advised a bio-friendly Universe. The Conception is finely-tuned for life, and egoistic as we are, for beastly activity (though if God created us afresh He would accept done so in such a way as to fit His catholic architecture and not advised the conception to fit us aback it was conception first; bodies second). But in any event, 99.9999% of the Universe is not able-bodied advised for activity (as we apperceive it). It’s either too hot or too algid or too wet or too dry or too abundant a exhaustion or there’s too abundant burden or it’s all too toxic, etc.

Design and Fine-Tuning 2: As with the affair on complexity, we can abandoned ascertain absolutely how advised and fine-tuned the (our) Universe in actuality is abandoned by comparing and allegory our Universe to added universes; getting as added examples; getting as added possibilities. Aback we accept no added universes as examples, as possibilities that we can examine, we’re not in any absolute position to say absolutely how advised and fine-tuned our own Universe in actuality is, far beneath say that God done it.

Design and Fine-Tuning 3: The beastly physique is not a cautiously advised and acquainted bio-machine I don’t affliction what Genesis says about God’s conception of Adam and Eve. While there is annihilation clearly cool about the architecture of the beastly physique as explained by Mother Nature acting via the adventitious and capricious armament that administer accustomed selection, any Bioengineering 101 apprentice aces of his or her bookish alkali could of done a hell of a lot bigger job of designing from blemish the beastly body. God’s architecture of the beastly physique is a abreast absolute failure.

*While we get two of a lot of the essentials like eyes and aerial and lungs and kidneys – even two accuracy (the larboard and appropriate hemispheres) – we abandoned get one heart, even admitting affection ache / abortion is appropriate up there in getting the ultimate afterlife of us.

*Our allowed arrangement is acceptable but not great. Lots of viruses, bacilli and multi-cellular parasites can abuse and even annihilate us. You abandoned accept to watch something like “House, M.D.” to get a handle on the bags of things that can go wrong, go wrong, go amiss with beastly analysis and physiology.

*Our physique can about-face on itself with dozens of types of cancers. No allotment of the physique is allowed from become cancer-ridden. The byword “find a cure for cancer” has been about for yonks’ and advisers haven’t absolutely absurd that annihilative nut yet.

*And how about all those accidental physique locations like tonsils, the appendix, a austere tail, etc.

*And if God doesn’t affliction for macho foreskins, why did He actualize males with foreskins?

*The decay abolishment and changeable systems shouldn’t b cheek-by-jowl and there shouldn’t be a aggregate accepted access acclimated for both bistro / bubbler and breathing.

*One of the bigger flaws is our two-legged beastly cachet afterwards even the account of a acclimation appendage (like birds or kangaroos, etc. have). As a result, we are counterbalanced as it were on a knife’s edge, anytime decumbent to cruise and abatement or just apparent lose our antithesis and breach basic and could could could could could cause centralized bleeding, etc. Accidental avalanche are one of the a lot of accepted means we aching ourselves. Any 4-legged or 6-legged or even 8-legged beastly is far bigger positioned for stability, not to acknowledgment centipedes and millipedes. It’s harder to beating those bodies over!

*Teenage males accept way, way, way too abundant testosterone in them.

*And what’s the point of balding? Or wrinkles?

Design and Fine-Tuning 4: So who or what advised and fine-tuned the artist and fine-tuner? If a computer affairs has a computer programmer; if a architecture has a artist (an architect) and a architect (tradesmen) – collectively a architect (a building-maker); and if the Apple had an Earth-maker and if heaven had a heaven-maker (Genesis 1: 1), and we alarm that maker “God”, and on the apriorism that aggregate that begins to abide (computer program, building, Earth, heaven) has a could could could could could cause (i.e. – God), afresh who or what was the God-maker and in about-face the maker of the God-maker, and so on down the band unto an absolute regression? You don’t get abroad with the arrant affirmation that God and abandoned God doesn’t accept a cause. That’s a case of appropriate argumentation based on absolutely aught affirmation and even beneath logic. And even if God didn’t accept a could could could could could cause afresh you still accept an beyond problem!

Why is beyond a problem, or added specifically, why is the abstraction of an absolute accomplished of concern? Able-bodied according to some who accomplish a abstraction of algebraic philosophy, if there is such a affair as an absolute past, that is a accomplished that has no banausic endpoint, afresh it is in actuality absurd to anytime get to this, the present moment or “now”. To to them, not even God can accept existed consistently and anytime afore conception LUE, and you can’t accept an absolute backslide of gods creating gods creating gods creating gods. But if you annihilate gods, afresh you’re still ashore with an absolute accomplished because the Aboriginal Law of Thermodynamics states that bulk / activity cannot be created nor destroyed. Therefore, bulk / activity has consistently existed and appropriately there still is an beyond botheration with account to time. The blemish I accept lies with the abstraction that a accomplished that has no banausic endpoint, authoritative it in actuality absurd to anytime get to this, the present moment or “now”. My band-aid is no bulk area you are on a timeline, even a timeline with no endpoints, you abide in that timeline in the present moment or “now”. You don’t accept to biking advanced in time in adjustment to get to the present moment.

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